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Sierra Academy of Aeronautics is an international training center,approved by FAA and validated by CAAC, CAAV as a PART 141 Flight School. Sierra Academy currently has a fleet of over 40 aircraft which can satisfy the requirements of VFR / IFR training on single and twin-engine airplanes. Sierra specializes in training international students from Asian-Pacific region, primarily from China, South Korea, Japan and Vietnam.

We are aiming to provide high-quality flight training services to all students in a safe environment. Each student will complete at least 405 hours of ground class and 251 hours (including HPA) of flight training before they can graduate. You may think this is a great challenge, however, we can tell you proudly that in the past 50 years, Sierra Academy has contributed over 30,000 graduates to airlines from all over the world.



Established in 1964, Sierra Academy of Aeronautics settled its initial

training base at Oakland International Airport (OAK) in San Francisco.

Later, due to the busy traffic of the Oakland International Airport,

Sierra Academy moved to Livermore Municipal Airport (LVK) in 1996.

Later, with the expansion of the school, the number of students

increased and the need for a larger airport and better facilities, it finally moved to the current Castle Airport (KMER) in Atwater, California.


Weather Conditions

Castle Airport for Sierra training is located in the Central Valley of

California where it is nestled between two mountain ranges and

sheltered from heavy storms and strong winds. As a result, Sierra Academy students can fly over 330 days in a year, except for a few foggy days in December. Thus, it's not difficult to understand that Castle Airport is used to be the US Air Force Base, which was established in 1941 and

closed in 1995. During that time, it is always a major pilot training

facility for US Air Force. At present, Sierra Academy of Aeronautics is

the only flight school in Castle Airport where 99% of the airport's take-offs and landings are produced by Sierra Academy. The students can

learn to fly without any outside interference.

Cross-country & Surroundings

Castle Airport has over 50 surrounding airports within 100 nautical

miles, allowing for the kind of diverse and complex training

environment that pilots need before going to an airline. Pilots who take-off from Castle Airport will also find a large variety of notable

landmarks, terrains and weather climates to travel across; from the

fertile agricultural valley and Sierra Rocky Mountains to the beautiful

California coast. Flying here, you won’t feel boring.

Tower & Runway:

Castle Airport enjoys its own FAA-certified air traffic control tower,

which provides students with 24-hour constant radio communication

service and the safety of guided take-off, approach and landing

operations every day. Castle Airport has a 3,600-meter (11,800-foot)

runway— ideal for safe landings and take-offs; complete with

instrument approaches for

RNAV (GPS) 13 / 31



Sierra Academy currently has a fleet of more than 40 aircraft and

complete equipment such as hangars, fuel trucks and tank farms, which are fully qualified for VFR/IFR operations for both single and multi-engine training. Our aircraft fleet consists of


Cessna 152 (VFR & IFR)
Cessna 172 Skyhawk (VFR & IFR)
Bellanca 7ECA Citabria (VFR Aerobatic – Upset Flight Recovery)
Piper PA28R Arrow (VFR & IFR Complex Aircraft)


Piper PA44 Seminole (Commercial Multi-Engine)
Piper PA34 Seneca (Commercial Multi-Engine)
Beechcraft King Air C90 (High-Performance / High-Altitude Aircraft)


Flight Instructor

Sierra Academy of Aeronautics currently has a total of 20 flight

instructors, coming from countries of Europe, America and Asia. Some of them used to fly in airlines, with rich experiences in flight and

management. You may also feel their valuable spirit of inclusiveness,

equality, professionalism and hardworking.

Aircraft Mechanic

Sierra Academy of Aeronautics is FAA certified Part 145 organization,

which can repair multiple types of small-size aircraft, including Cessna

and Piper. Sierra's Maintenance Department consists of 13 staff

including FAA Certified mechanics, aircraft inspectors, and avionics

technicians. All staff are led by a Director of Aircraft Maintenance,

working closely with the FAA to ensure all aircraft are safely and

correctly maintained by the flight school.

Admission Manager

Our admission manager of Sierra Academy of Aeronautics, qualified for SEVIS/CATS Testing, authorized by the Department of Homeland

Security for fingerprint, has been cooperating with the US Immigration, Customs and Homeland Security for 12 years. She manages and

monitors the visa & immigration status of all students, making sure

each student remain in compliance with all U.S. government standards at all times.

Ground Class & English

All ground courses are taught by flight instructors. The students will fly while learning, and can apply what they have learnt into practices so as to improve the learning efficiency.

There are three English teachers in Sierra, providing pertinent training

in the aspect of pronunciation, daily dialogue and aviation English 

respectively. Meanwhile, the tower controller is arranged to help

improve students' radio communication ability. This is a special course

that we offered for international students.



Send a message to us with any questions or inquires. Our staff would

be happy to answer your questions.Sierra Academy of Aeronautics is

dedicated to helping you soar to success!

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